We all know that getting a booking can sometimes be a pain, but let us help you to take the hassle out of the whole process...

What we can offer you:

  • We will provide you with transport to the testing centre of your choice to do the test booking.
  • We provide assistance at the centre; getting you in the correct que, fiiling out application forms, getting eye test done, and lastly getting the payment to the DLTC (drivers license testing centre)  done
  • We will also provide you with transport back to home, school or the office.

What you need to do, to get the process of test booking started:

  • Deposit the applicable amount (see price list) into our bank account
  • Send us the proof of payment via email.
  • Get in touch via one of the contact nrs, mail or sms and inform us that you paid and would like to get the process started to go do a drivers test booking
  • Please provide us with contact details and address for collection
  • Email address:  admin@olympicdriving.co.za 


  • The average waiting period for a drivers test booking depends all on the choice of which DLTC to go and book at. (Any thing between 1 week to 8 weeks)
  • The client must remember that we can not really choose dates for drivers test bookings, but need to accept the dates given to us.
  • The client needs to be available for drivers test booking on week days during office hours.(sometimes we leave very early)
  • When the booking is made and the client wishes to move or change this, it need to be done personally and in person at the applicable testing centre.
  • R228 cash fee is payable for your drivers test application.

When going with on the drivers test booking bring along the following documents:

  • ID & a copy (copies can be made at the DLTC for R5 a page)
  • Learners license & a copy
  • 4 ID photos (R50 to take photos there)
  • R228 cash application fee, best if you bring the exact amounts as they never have change...
  • The cash amount payable to Olympic if the fee was not paid via EFT
  • Proof of address applicable to bookings in Heidelberg. Click to see details:  Proof of Address & Affidavit