Automatic license could be your solution to a very easy way of getting your driver's license.  


Gone is the times where just the big BMW and Audi's are the only cars with automatic transmission. Here at Olympic we can now provide clients the option of training in a Volkswagen Polo Vivo automatic.


  • First of all, the pass rate on automatics is at least 50% higher than on a manual.  Due to the fact that a lot of immediate fails on the manual test gets elliminated in the automatic drivers test.
  • Traffic conditions on our roads promote the comfort and ease that an automatic vehicle can provide you with: Stop-start in congested traffic is an everyday occurance.  
  • It's also much safer when you have to speed off in a situation, e.g. being highjacked.  Instead of struggling with gear and clutches, one can just press the accelerator or "PUT FOOT".
  • Your training time is reduced due to simplicity of the automatic code.  Therefore saving money!
  • In a case where a learner's expires soon, this might be your option just to ensure you do have a driver's license, at least, and not have to re-do your learner's license neccesarily.  One can always later re-do learner's license and the manual drivers test.
  • Feel free to make contact and discuss the matter telephonically.