When it comes to the actual test we offer the following:

  • The client will be picked up a few hours before the time for a revision lesson, and to ensure that the client is at the testing centre on time for the test.
  • The instructor will give the client handy tips regarding the Testing Station, and show the client around the possible route that they are going to drive for the test.
  • The instructors are trained to give moral support and to keep the client calm.
  • The test can be completed in the clients own motor vehicle, or the driving school's vehicle
  • Please remember that apart from our fee the City Council requires an issuing fee of R228.00

What you need to remember on the day of the test:

  • Original learners license
  • Original ID book or Passport 
  • R228 driver's license issuing fee payable in cash to the testing station. 
  • Extra id photos if they didn't take all 4 when doing the booking 
  • Receipt of the Testing Station, indicating the date and time of driver's test
  • Proof of full payment of all driving school fees

Please note that the above mentioned prices are subject to change. Please refer to our PRICE LIST in the services menu for the correct rates according to the above mentions.