Ø  For this service the option is to go with us to Heidelberg Drivers License Testing Centre ( DLTC) where we get consistent quick date 1-2 weeks. Sometimes over holiday periods they can tend to get a bit fuller but still much quicker than any local testing centre.

Ø  Remember the applicant is able to book before they turn 17 BUT, the test date must be for after they turned 18 and one cannot choose or request really when you there so it’s important to know beforehand if the current dates that are given by the DLTC is for after your 18th B-Day.

Ø  We normally leave quite early for these trips to go and book, to ensure we miss the traffic and get there and back ASAP. This way we are some of the 1st people they help and can assure minimum time waste to get back to work or school if possible.

Ø Proof of address applicable to bookings in Heidelberg. Click to see details:  Proof of Address & Affidavit