We all know that getting a booking can sometimes be a pain, but let us help you to take the hassle out of the whole process...

How do I book a driver’s license test?

Step 1: Discuss whether you are test ready with your instructor. He / she knows what needs to be covered and what is required in order to pass a test, so take their advice seriously.

Step 2: Once you and your instructor have decided that it is time to book a test at the DLTC, contact the office and we can pre-book a test date online on the Enatis system for you. You will need your initials, surname, ID number, contact details and e-mail address. The online booking will need to be confirmed within 3 days after the date is booked online and you will need to confirm the appointment in person and arrange for us to pick you up for a test booking at the testing station of your choice. Please note that you will not be the only one who is picked up. In order for us to make this service financially feasible we take learners in groups to the testing stations. Please ensure that you are ready in time for the pickup as arranged with the office as you will not only be wasting your time but the other learner’s time by being late.

Step 3: Transfer the amount as per the pricelist to our account. Please use client name and surname as reference

Step 4: Email proof of payment to admin@olympicdriving.co.za

Step 5: Please confirm with the office your test date and time once you have made the booking in order for us to book the vehicle and instructor for this important date.

What service is included in a test booking trip?

Ø Transport to and from the relevant DLTC

Ø Assistance in completing the relevant forms

Ø Coordinating the logistics as far as possible at the DLTC

Ø Assistance with taking photos and making copies (if not prepared in advance)

Please note: You have to bring along your original ID, copy of your ID, printed Enatis booking confirmation letter, original learner’s license, copy of your learner’s license, 4 ID photos (or R50) and the driver’s license application fee payable to the DLTC in cash. At the DLTC you will have to do an eye test, so if you wear glasses or contact lenses, please remember to bring it along. You may do an eye test for free at Specsavers, but please ensure they put the branch stamp on the eye test report as the DLTC won’t accept the report without this stamp. If you fail the eye test no booking can be made.

Please note:  Centurion testing ground does not accept cash for application fees and will ONLY accept debit cards.


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