By signing the Client Registration Form you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. Payment is strictly cash or proof of payment must accompany the service requested. 2. We shall have the right to withhold a service to any client for late o

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When it comes to the actual test we offer the following: The client will be picked up a few hours before the time for a revision lesson, and to ensure that the client is at the testing centre on time for the test. The instructor will give the

We all know that getting a booking can sometimes be a pain, but let us help you to take the hassle out of the whole process... What we can offer you: We will provide you with transport to the testing centre of your choice to do the test book

Ø  For this service the option is to go with us to Heidelberg Drivers License Testing Centre ( DLTC) where we get consistent quick date 1-2 weeks. Sometimes over holiday periods they can tend to get a bit fuller but still much quicke

This is where the fun starts..... The client will need a valid legal learners license to go for a driving lesson. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver the instructor will adjust his training style to accommodate you. You d

  The learners package is a great option for the individual who wants a set price with all the trimmings for a smooth quick solution to obtaining their learners license. This is very popular amongst parents who need assistance in helping

All LEARNERS packages: Bank:              First National Bank Code:              261550 Account No:    62787298746 Name:       &